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Merchant Solutions Articles

  • Credit Card Processing provides customers with
    (Sun Jan 1st, 2006, by Jack Chevalier)
    The ability to accept credit cards is a vital part to running any type of business. This can be acquired by obtaining credit card processing solutions. Accepting credit card orders is a must for everyone who does business online or offline. If your ...
  • Small Business Merchant Accounts
    (Sun Apr 30th, 2006, by Shane Penrod)
    A small business merchant account may be just what your company needs to edge out the competition. If your customer base is growing or they are asking increasingly for credit payment options as well as for information about your products and services...
  • Ebay Seller Problems And Solutions
    (Sun Dec 18th, 2005, by Jay Bauder)
    Selling Problems on eBay and Their Solutions eBay provides internet users with an online flea market where buyers and sellers from around the world meet to conduct trade. However, like most traders who are faced with an innovation of this sort, the ...
  • Paypal or Merchant Account
    (Tue Feb 7th, 2006, by Ratliff J)
    So, you have an online business, or at least plan to. How to accept payments? You have heard of Paypal, but have also heard different opinions of Paypal. Most people will tell you that it is hard to do business online or on ebay without Paypal. Not t...
  • Restaurant Merchant Accounts
    (Wed May 24th, 2006, by Shane Penrod)
    Some eatery entrepreneurs enjoy the old fashioned style of cooking and serving customers themselves, while others are experimenting with the latest technological enhancements via restaurant merchant accounts. While it is always enjoyable to dine at a...
  • Payment Processing Basics
    (Thu Dec 15th, 2005, by John Calder)
    2004, John Calder If you want to sell your own products online, you will need to choose a means for your customers to pay you. Otherwise, you won't be in business very long! If you have regular office hours and employees, or...
  • How Will Check 21 Affect You?
    (Wed Jul 19th, 2006, by Shannon Jarvies)
    You may already be familiar with Check 21, a federal law that goes into effect on October 28, 2004. If you're like me, this may be something you hadn't heard about until just yesterday. The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, otherwise known as ...
  • Credit Card Machines
    (By: Alan Jason Smith, Fri Jul 21st, 2006)
    Credit card machines offer the security of positive payment. A credit card machine offers increased reliability, ensuring money is in an account before your clients leave with product. Money saved in bad check recovery more than makes up for the cost of credit card machines. There are many different kinds of credit card machines...
  • Internet credit card processing
    (Sat Dec 31st, 2005, by Jack Chevalier)
    According to, Internet Credit Card Processing requires more security and aggressive fraud controls than retail credit card processing because the credit card cannot be verified by swiping the credit card like with a retail merchant acc...
  • Demystifying Merchant Accounts
    (Thu Nov 24th, 2005, by Suzette Flemming)
    Accepting credit card payments for goods and services has become a huge business. Accepting Visa and MasterCard as well American Express and Discover can add hundreds if not thousands of dollars to your sales figures each month. The problem then beco...
  • Essential points to remember while selecting merchant services
    (Mon May 29th, 2006, by Jack Chevalier)
    According to sbinformation, all small businesses require some form of payment processing. Understanding how to select merchant services can impact your sales revenue and profit. Learn the hidden rules of the merchant account business. 1: What are mer...
  • Accept Online Payments
    (Thu Feb 23rd, 2006, by Merle)
    If you operate a small business from your home and have been thinking of moving it online to take advantage of a "global audience," this article is for you. A lot of people I talk to are hesitant to start selling online due to the "red tape" of getti...
  • Increase Sales with Payment Solutions
    (Sat May 27th, 2006, by David Bell)
    Take a second and imagine your shopping on a website, find the product you've been looking for, and as you go to the order form to purchase it, you find out that the company doesn't accept payment online. Instead, you must mail a check. If you were l...
  • Merchant services add ecommerce
    (Sat May 13th, 2006, by Jack Chevalier)
    According to, this includes credit cards processing systems with a Merchant Account to receive payment from the customers. Merchant Accounts are an important element in any ecommerce venture. Merchant services provide the expertise...


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